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Waterjet Cutting Services

EBM Manufacturing provides the perfect solution for projects requiring precision cutting. The waterjet uses a high-pressure stream to achieve pinpoint precision. It's a cleaner, more accurate way to achieve exceptional results.

  • ± .0015 inch accuracy
  • 95,000psi
  • Bed size: 7' W x 12' L
  • Produces a clean, precise edge, reducing the need for secondary finishing
  • Use for single part or batching
  • Cuts a wide array of materials: plastic, aluminum, steel, polypropylene, polycarbonate, polyethylene, neoprene, carbon fiber, rubber, UHMW, urethane, and more

EBM's waterjet cutting services cater to individuals and companies seeking parts for standard or custom projects. The waterjet is perfect for your single part, batching, or a large scale needs.

  • Precision machined parts for the industrial, automotive, and aerospace industries.
  • Perforated metal/plastic sheets and panels
  • Ornamentals - railing, signs, gates and more


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